Are the Javan tigers really already extinct? (Apakah Harimau Jawa sudah benar-benar punah?)

Wendy Burhnannurdin
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Are the Javan tigers really already extinct?

The Javan tiger (Panthera tigris sondaica) is tiger subspecies that inhabited the Indonesian island of Java. Javan tiger has a body size larger than the Sumatran tiger and Bali tiger. Javan tiger males weigh 150-200 kg and a length of approximately 2:50 meters. Females are lighter weight, which is 75-115 kg and slightly shorter than the male species.

Why are we talking about the extinction of Javan tigers? Many people who claim that the tiger is now extinct, including the government which has officially claim about the extinction of this tiger. But, many of the activists who doubt it. They believe that the tiger is not yet extinct. Therefore, it is very interesting to find out about the truth of the extinction of Javan tiger.

“The tiger was rarely found, but from the description of people around the forest of Wonogiri, they are still there,” said Perhutani’s Assistant Bagian Kesatuan Pemangkuan Hutan (BKPH) Purwantoro region, Wonogiri, Roby R, in Wonogiri. Looking at that statement, I strongly believe that the Javan tigers are not yet extinct.

In the 1850’s, the Javan tiger is considered as ‘interference’ in some urban areas and in 1872 the prize for a head of a tiger who was killed in Tegal, Central Java, is about 3,000 guilders. At that time, there are several dozen tigers were killed in an attempt to obtain the prize.

In the 1950s, when the population of Javan tigers lived only 25 tails, the tail is about 13 was in Ujung Kulon National Park. Ten years later this number is shrinking. In 1972, there were only about 7 tigers living in the Meru Betiri National Park. Although national parks are protected, many of which open agricultural land there and make the Javan tigers are increasingly threatened and then estimated become extinct in the late 80s.

One thing that are believed to be the cause of extinction of Javan tigers are the traditional of Javanese people which very well known at that time called “rampogan macan”. When this tradition was carried out, there were still many tigers in the forests. The tigers were often interfered with the farmers because it often takes animals, sometimes also prey on humans. Therefore, the officials or authorities ordered to capture a tiger which hurt farmers. Even if it needs to be killed. That can capture at once kill the tiger will be rewarded with ten to fifty guilders, large or small depending on the tiger.

To celebrate Lebaran after the fasting month, the old days in almost all districts in Java generally held a variety of performances. Proverbial, all residents present in the square, watching the show welcomes holiday. Since the Feast of Eid al-Fitr is the only once a year, then when the execution of a captured tiger had dropped along with the fall of the First Day of Eid al-Fitr, or the exact date is 1st Shawwal, once used as a spectacle or entertainment. To that since the month of fasting villages around the forest has begun to put snares or traps in the forest in order to catch the tiger. Normally fed goats or dogs. Tigers are caught then locked up, until the time is used. When there rampogan, in the courtyard adjacent to the plaza, made tiger cages made of palm tree / palm called ruyung or iron the size of 2 X 2 X 2 M, which is set in a row. Of course the cage was guarded day and night. Tigers are great, the cage is made of ruyung. The reason, in order tiger can not get out of the cage for fear ruyung punctured. Conversely, if the only use of iron, although the magnitude of the stalk sickle, can still be uprooted. Cage was fitted with doors like a car trunk door, was the top rated roof that consists of 2 parts into the roof boards.

The fate of the tigers is very tragic. Indeed the tiger do all of that to survive. But increased of the people increasingly make their habitat displaced. Inevitably they have to prey on what they see. The people should preserve them, not killed them. Now that the tiger was never found again, we all can only hope that someday they’ll show themselves again to show that they are not yet extinct.

The government is not too concerned about this problem because they have thought that the tiger has extinct. The government prefers to use existing funds for another matter than to use it to conduct further searches of this tiger. The certainty whether tigers have extinct or not is actually still a question mark. However, the government is too hasty to make sure that tigers have been extinct. Many observers who deplore the attitude of the government because they believed that this tiger is not yet extinct.

In the economics side, it has several advantages. The Javan tigers prey on harmful animals that adverse agricultural such as wild boar. If the tiger is extinct, course will be very detrimental to farmers because the population of blighter crops animals such as wild boar will be continue increase. Actually, the existence of the tiger can give benefits people in terms of economy, especially the farmers who always incur a loss if the wild boars are uncontrolled population. One of the prey of the the tiger is the wild boars are uncontrolled.
There are positive sides and negative sides of the Javan tigers existence to the social life of the people. The positive side is because of its rarity even has been considered extinct, it can make people love and care about the existence of endangered animals so that seek to preserve. The negative side because these animals are wild animals, then they could endanger the safety of the people who are unlucky because they met at the wrong time. It makes the peoples will always be on the verge of fear.

There was an attempt from the management of the tiger habitat is to conduct a search by installing a camera trap in a location that may be traversed by the tiger. According to development of the age where technology is growing and increasingly modern society, the use of existing technology increasingly used in various ways. Therefore, the parties who concerned with the existence of this tiger try to ensure back by installing a camera trap that can record this tiger trail day or night.
The environmental degradation threatens their habitat. In fact, the environmental impacts caused by human activity was the one who has narrowed the tigers habitat and threaten their viability. People should be more concerned to preserve the environment and do not destroy the forest as a habitat for tigers is because it is very detrimental and can raises an enormous impact later on.

Indonesia already has the law regulations governing the protection of rare animals which if there are persons who kill these animals will be dealt with according to the law. Regulations governing the protection of rare animals in Indonesia have been arranged in “UU No. 5 tahun 1990” about the Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems. The law which also determines the category or nature reserve area with certain characteristics, both on land and waters that have a main function as regional security endangered species diversity, and ecosystem.

The extinction of the Javan tigers still questionable. Many efforts has been done to trace the existence of this tiger, but it’s no results. The government should be concerned about this problem by doing a search that is more effective because during this time which do searches only people which care about this problem. Don’t let the Javan tigers just remains story


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